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Reasons why what you wear in the gym really matters

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  1. Support:

Besides functionality, activewear supports you during your workouts. What do I mean by this? Well, the right kind of clothing prevents injuries.

A great example of providing support is compression clothing. Investing in the best type of compression wear can help protect your muscles from inflammation, injuries and provide support during recovery exercises.

Sports bras are another great example. Since they are sturdier than other bras, they help to minimize movement and any discomfort that might arise during a workout.

  1. Motivation and Confidence:

The right clothing motivates you and boosts your confidence — two key aspects that make for a great start to a workout!

Creating habits, such as exercising daily, can be difficult. You need to find a person, place or thing to motivate you.

Workout clothes could be the answer!

The simple act of putting on your favourite muscle shirt or gym shorts could trigger a cue in your brain. This cue can signal the rest of your body that ‘hey, I have my workout clothes on, it’s time for a workout — let’s go!’.

  1. Healthy Environment:

Wearing gym specific clothing is a good idea for both you and your gym’s healthy environment.

When you work out, you sweat. When you sweat, it attracts bacteria and it stays in your clothes. If you don’t wash your clothes, fungus and molds form which will make you sick.

The object of exercising is to become healthier and you can’t if you are always fighting off a cold not to mention diseases of the skin that you can pick up just by sitting on the equipment.

Shower shoes keep you feet isolated from the floors to prevent toe fungus and jock itch.

  1. Comfort:

It depends on your reason for going to the gym. If you’re going to attract a mate, then select your clothing for the task at hand.

If, on the other hand, you’re going to work out, sweat, and improve your body and health, then wear whatever outfit is the most comfortable for you. It won’t matter if your top matches your bottoms or not. Just wear something that’s practical, clean, and doesn’t smell bad.

In all honesty, most gym goers are pretty serious about exercising and/or body building. Sure, you might get noticed if you’re dressed for a fashion show, but you might also get laughed at behind your back. Everyone will know immediately that you’re not there to work out. The good news is that they won’t care.

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